Membership Information & Procedures


Cape Ann Sportsman’s Club is currently open to new members.

The meeting dates for Membership are the 2nd Wednesday of each month, beginning promptly at 7pm. In April, no membership is conducted during the annual meeting; in July & August new membership is conducted during the board meetings on the Monday night prior to the 2nd Wednesday of the month.

There are two levels of membership available: Regular and Family.

A Regular membership grants, to an individual adult, the full use of the club’s facilities, the ability to vote in club elections, and the ability to hold a club office.
A Family membership grants the same privileges to an individual adult and their spouse, with the exception that the spouse may not hold a club office.

Membership Requirements

  • Minimum eighteen years of age
    • Children under eighteen may participate under the direct supervision of an adult member.
  • Sponsorship by a current Cape Ann Sportsman’s Club member
  • NRA membership (first year only)
    • Applicant must present a valid NRA membership card, or NRA membership dues payment.
  • Gun Owner’s Action League membership
    • Applicant must present a valid GOAL membership card, or GOAL membership dues payment.
  • Attendance at either the Spring or Fall work party (first year only)

Membership Fees

  • Annual Membership Fee (effective May 1, 2015)
    • Regular – $155
    • Family – $205
  • $100 initiation fee (first year only)
  • NRA membership dues, if not current NRA member (first year only)
  • GOAL membership dues, if not current GOAL member

What to Do

  1. Fill out a membership application.
    • Pick one up at the clubhouse on Sunday morning or at a regular monthly meeting.
  2. Come to the first regular monthly meeting at the clubhouse no later than 6:45PM.
    • Be sure to check-in at the Office to let us know that you have arrived and drop off any paperwork required.
    • Bring your completed application & release form.
    • If you are not yet a GOAL AND NRA member, then also bring:
      • proof of GOAL and NRA membership – either by bringing your Membership cards or an email receipt from an online order. Alternatively, you can forward your email proof of payment to GOAL and NRA to:
      • If you do not wish to join GOAL and the NRA online, we do have membership applications for both organizations. If you want to join them via mail, please bring the following:
        • a completed application for each organization you need to join.
        • separate checks for the dues amount of each organization you need to join.
        • separate stamped, unsealed envelopes addressed to each organization you need to join.
    • You will not need to bring your dues payment at this time.
    • You will be introduced to the membership during this meeting.
  3. Come to the next regular monthly meeting at the clubhouse at 6:45PM BE SURE TO CHECK IN WITH MEMBERSHIP!

    • Your membership application will be voted upon by the members during this meeting.
    • Bring your membership dues payment (this will be accepted after the meeting)
    • If accepted, you will:
      • receive an access card to the clubhouse and indoor range
      • receive a key to the outdoor range (when you have completed a safety talk at that range).
  4. When you have completed the range qualifications, you will receive range access. You can be qualified for the Indoor Range after either meeting that you attend, and you can be qualified on the outdoor range on most Sunday mornings.

Renewal Requirements for New Members

Upon joining the Cape Ann Sportsman’s Club, you agree to serve at (1) Clean-Up Party during the fiscal year in which you join. Our Fiscal year runs from May 1st to April 30th.

The Clean-Up Parties are held in the Spring and Fall each year. The dates will be announced with ample planning time.

If you can not serve at (1) of these Clean-Up Parties in your first year of membership, other arrangements can be made. You can contact the President to see what can be done around the Club. Upon renewal, if you have not attended a Clean-Up Party or made other arrangements, you will be accessed a surcharge that is equal to the initiation fee before your membership renewal will be accepted.

If you have questions, send email to the Membership Secretary.